What it’s all about…

At the urging of some very supportive friends (who were probably tired of my Facebook posts!) I built this blog as an outlet for my creative energy and as a portal to the Outside World. Staying home with kids is not for sissies and showering when you want to is a luxury.


3 responses to “What it’s all about…

  1. What it`s all about !!!! Girl your posts are funny as hell, I honestly. You just Tell me what Facebook friends are tired of them Posts and will take Corrective Actions…lol…My new favorite line is…..Jen, Did you see what Danielle Posted??? Ya gotta see this…lol We Love what your doing. Keep it up,,,,,,Please!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Bob! I love you guys! Thanks for the support, it really means a lot. I am a little obsessed and check the blog stats all the time so I love to hear responses!

  3. Danielle, is that you in the clown picture? I recognized you!!!

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