Keep it Surreal

Hello, Friends.

This morning I taught a yoga class while wearing a shirt that says, “Keep it Surreal”. I love that saying so much that I themed the class around it. I talked about the eighth chakra, the aura, and how letting go of the urge to be productive can actually create more productivity.

When we spin our wheels, trying desperately to remember everything that needs remembering, like shopping lists, schedules, appointments, and important events, we take up valuable space in our brains. By pushing ourselves to be more productive we often cause the exact opposite to happen. We can become paralyzed by the crushing weight of responsibility, and the tasks that are never completed and never-ending.

This is why meditation and daydreaming are so important. Taking the time to unplug, even if it is for five minutes a day, can radically change your life. I promise. Taking a deep breath, sitting still, and allowing your mind to wander while noticing the loosening of the tension around your heart is like an adult time out.

Give yourself permission to be a little spacey and resist the urge to “snap out of it” or “switch gears”. Allow the natural processes of your brain and body to do what they do best, without trying to interfere. And for heaven’s sake, please don’t beat yourself up when you forget or misplace something. Just roll with it.

I really felt like we had a great class today. We worked on expanding and cultivating positive energy in our auras, understanding that the energy we project is the energy we need in return. We worked on stretching our bodies and releasing tension with the hope of releasing our need for control over our minds.

“Don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up if you forget your yoga mat after class! What’s wrong with having your head in the clouds? Just stay in that peaceful, blissful state as long as you can and let it be!” I said.

After class, a fellow teacher was kind enough to point out that I’d taught the entire class with my pants on inside out, and then she had to chase me down in the parking lot to return the mat I’d left behind. Keeping it surreal, y’all.




2 responses to “Keep it Surreal

  1. You are my funny girl!

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