Working From Home

Hello, Friends!

I’ve got a lot going on these days. I still teach yoga and love it, that will never change. I am also working as a technical editor and my biggest client is a large law firm in California. I love this because I can get most of my work done in the morning while the kids are in school and before the law offices open. I am so grateful for this opportunity and yesterday they just sent a whole lot more work my way. As I see it, I could work 24 hours a day for the next two weeks and still not finish it. This is awesome, except when I have focus issues.

Please, before you start thinking of ways to help me, I want you to understand that this post is meant to be humorous. It will become unfunny to me the moment you start offering tips on focus or time management.

This is me working from home this morning:

Tim graciously takes the rambunctious brood to the bowling alley (along with their cousins, God help him, I do adore him) so I can have some quiet time to work. I complete  a batch of edits and send it in.

I’m hungry,  so I take a break and wander into the kitchen to get something to eat. I notice some dirty dishes, so I load them into the dishwasher and realize the laundry cycle has stopped. Perfect, I’ll just fold some laundry and get an update on the hurricane. I turn on the Weather Channel and grab the clean laundry out of the dryer. I should probably start a load of wash, so I go upstairs to get the dirty laundry. I notice the bed isn’t made to my liking (I do love him, this is all me) so I fix it, fluff the pillows, and start tidying the bedroom. I return kids’ belongings to their rooms, which are another story and oh, I’ll just neaten this one thing up..

Back into the bedroom I go to find the dirty laundry. I dump a load  of unfolded clean laundry onto the bed so I can use the basket, into which I dump the dirty laundry. I’ll fold that clean stuff later.  I carry the basket out to the hallway, where I notice a few things that can be carried downstairs. I grab them and carry everything down, where I set the basket on the kitchen table, put the things away, and go into the other room to fold 3 items, before I remember the dirty laundry.

I’m still hungry, but I head back into the kitchen to get the dirty laundry. I start the load and return to the family room to finally finish folding the load of laundry. By now I’ve missed the storm update for my area, but that’s okay because they’ll run it again.

I’m still hungry. I could cook something or I could get back to work, which I should probably do because my time is going to be running out. Plus, cooking and laundry aren’t paying the bills. Uh oh, the puppy is going to be up from her nap soon and I won’t be able to work. Maybe I should just go to Starbucks. Yes, I’ll go there. I don’t think they have laundry for me to fold, but I also know I don’t want to eat there.

I’m still hungry, and now I’m writing a blog post instead of proofreading someone else’s…

Please don’t worry, I’ll get it together.





5 responses to “Working From Home

  1. Oh Danielle! No advice from me cause the kids are now in college and that is still a perfect description of how I work at home! Yes, the new puppy has been a good excuse the last couple months but even he is beginning to be less distracted that me! I hoped for many years of working in a research lab full-time to be able to work from home. I loved it while I was doing it but was oh so inefficient. Now I’m looking for a job with more structure but instead of preparing for my interview and finishing my presentation for a conference next month, I’m replying to your blog while I watch the dogs wrestle. And thanks for reminding me – I really have to go check the Weather Channel to see how my east coast friends are doing before I go back to my desk!

  2. As a fellow work-from-home mom, this is all too familiar! There are just too many distractions in the house… I can’t say it gets easier, but you’ll find tricks and strategies that work for you. But the feeling of dialing into a conference call wearing PJs – priceless!

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  3. Girl you are too funny! You do need to eat though. How else will you ever keep up with your awesome family

  4. thoughtfuldeliberation

    This is exactly how I work! Anything else would be too boring, too lockstep, too univariate, and too logical sequential. Might result in completing more individual tasks , though. But it was never about that anyway….

  5. Danielle. I love this post. I can sooo relate. The struggle is real. You are not alone.

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