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Welcome to the Jungle?

Hi, Friends,

I usually don’t discuss anything political on my Facebook page and most certainly not here on my blog about mommy and family stuff. BUT, in light of the um…interesting political um….discourse I’ve been reading lately all over social media, I simply couldn’t let this one go. It has been warping my brain for about a month now and I can no longer ignore it. Ready? Here it is.

A bumper sticker I saw a few weeks ago said the following;

“Repent, America! Get Back to the Bible or Get Back to the Jungle”

I stared at it. I almost ran off the road. I stared at it some more and almost followed the vehicle on which it was stuck.

I’ll give you a minute or two to try wrapping your brain around it.


Figure it out, yet? If so, please enlighten me – I’m still working on it.

*more crickets*

Okay, I’ll give it a shot.

America is going down the wrong path. The only way to straighten ourselves out is by getting back to the bible, which means we should follow a book that (disclaimer – I am not disparaging the bible so you may exhale and release whatever it was you were about to scream at me) is the guiding principle for one of the many religions established in this country. So, we should repent our misdeeds and everyone should convert to Christianity to “Get Back to the Bible”. If you are not a Christian and subsequently do not follow the bible, you should repent even harder.

Okay, that was fun but here is where my mind is truly blown.

“Get Back to the Jungle”.

Last I checked, there are no jungles in America. Well, at least not in North America and I am quite confident that the creator of this bumper sticker didn’t have any other “America” (because there ARE other “Americas”) on his or her mind. Let’s go with, “there are no jungles in North America”. This leaves me with three other options (please comment if you can come up with another, more viable one that proves some sort of sanity in this ill-conceived message).

The first is that if Americans do not repent and “Get Back to the Bible” then we will be flung back in time to the period during which man evolved from apes. Whoah, what? That one doesn’t even make sense! There is no evolution in the bible so how could the writer possibly insinuate that we….? Never mind. Let’s try another scenario.

If Americans do not repent and “Get Back to the Bible” then we should just give up and go live in some jungle somewhere. I’m thinking that one doesn’t really make sense either.

The only other thing I can come up with is that the creator of the bumper sticker believes we should repent and “Get Back to the Bible” or the country will just turn into a godless, forsaken place with big scary animals. Never mind that a jungle is one of God’s creations because that wouldn’t serve our purpose, now would it?

Listen, I have my passionate beliefs and convictions, I have my spirituality, and there are things that drive me crazy just like anyone else. I am merely asking for a bit of tolerance. Ignoring the obvious problem of a Christian bumper sticker delivering a bigoted message, I want to ask each of you to consider carefully the political messages you broadcast. You are doing your cause no justice by re-posting hate-filled, angry, and often unsubstantiated pictures on Facebook. Instead, you are working to feed your opponents’ claims about how out of touch “the other side” is (that’s you).

Try this instead.

Always consider the source of the “polls” and “surveys” you quote. Question motives and intentions. Follow the money. USE SNOPES. is a free website devoted to debunking urban myths. If there is a photo of a political figure doing something objectionable (the infamous and ignorantly shared photo of President and Mrs. Obama comes to mind) think before you re-post it (that one was debunked on as a mirror image of the actual photo, hence their pledging allegiance appearing to be backwards). What you broadcast is a reflection of you. Your values, your morals, your ability to negotiate, your willingness to compromise, your capacity for tolerance, and countless other facets of YOU are demonstrated by each message you broadcast.

Wear a pin on your shirt, put a sign in your yard, or put a photo on Facebook. This a country founded on freedoms. Please remember that you may be a caring, compassionate person but if you’re not careful you can come across as an ignorant, intolerant asshole. And that’s what you’re accusing everyone else of being, right?

I concur with my many friends who have thrown up their hands and said, “I cannot wait until this election is over!” I want measured, thoughtful dialog about things that truly matter. I want to see respectful disagreement and discourse. Barring that, just show me pictures of your puppies, kittens, or babies, okay?

Peace, love, hippies, and hair grease,


PS. I am an independent voter. I am often accused of being a liberal nut job and I’m married to my soulmate, who happens to be a conservative. 😉